Programma Culturale

Torino 2025 - The cultural programme

The 2025 edition of the World University Games Winter will have a rich cultural programme built together with all the stakeholders of the territory, in particular with the 5 host municipalities and the 4 regional universities, with the national AFAM system – high artistic and musical training, of which the Albertina Academy and the Torino Conservatory are part, and in collaboration with the main national and local cultural institutions.  

A programme that will start immediately after the conclusion of the Lake Placid Games with a series of musical initiatives that will be held in the summer and autumn of 2023 both in Torino and in the Olympic valleys, which will be followed by a series of conferences on the combination of sport and culture and will pave the way for a programme modelled on the five senses that will run throughout the year 2024, culminating in the opening of a series of themed exhibitions and live performances from September of that year and becoming an integral part of the content that will be made visible worldwide during the opening ceremony.  

A dedicated programme will be offered to the FISU family, to whom every day from 12 to 22 January a specific tour of the city and territories will be proposed, which will then remain as the legacy of Piemonte Land of Sport and university region.  

Brain Storm

The Organising Committee of the 2025 World University Games Winter has decided to launch an academic challenge to accompany the sports challenge. #To25 Brain Storm is the first competition for “athletes of the mind” and will involve a thousand young people from all over the world, who will compete in 12 new ‘mind’ disciplines, 9 proposed by the universities of Piedmont and 3 by students from all over the world, linked to the themes and challenges of the moment to which they will respond through projects and proposals. Climate change, energy sustainability and the ability to create social cohesion and new work models. A maximum of 25 teams of four people will participate in each of the disciplines, competing against each other in a battle of ideas.

Like their sporting counterparts, there will be a medal table and a podium, with the top three receiving a cash prize and mentoring to realise their projects. The Universiade goes beyond sport, as the president of the organising committee, Alessandro Ciro Sciretti, emphasised: “This is a great event that must live on many aspects that aim to promote Piedmont and its university system, which is extraordinary and becomes even stronger when it networks”.  

A working group composed of representatives of the four Piedmontese universities (Università di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo, Università del Piemonte Orientale) in collaboration with the Committee and representatives of Edisu, is currently working to select the themes within which the individual challenges will be developed. The different themes will be presented by the end of March 2023 and a specific call for entries will correspond to each challenge. The different competitions will have a dedicated jury, which will be composed of expert members, selected and appointed by each university. 

Sustainability Torino 2025

Climate change is the most important issue facing humanity in the coming decades. Although the issue has been clearly posed to states and public and private supranational organisations since the 1980s, only recently have citizens themselves and every single activity been gearing up to provide concrete answers to this increasingly endemic daily emergency.  

The Torino 2025 World University Games Winter see themselves as a fundamental step towards 2030: the Millennium Goals are at the basis of the activities and communication of the event, which aspires not only to be totally sustainable in itself, from the start of the organisation all the way through to the definition of the details of the event’s legacy, but to be – also through the specific activities of the Brain Storm project – an extraordinary sounding board of everything that can and must be done to return to a balanced climate.

A social, cultural as well as technological challenge, which will be designed by carefully observing how the sustainability issue will be addressed in the coming weeks by the World Games in Lake Placid and will then be discussed and ‘put into play’ together with the RUS – the network of sustainable universities that already collaborates with the CRUI, with ASVIS, WWF, UNICEF, the Kyoto CLUBs and many other national and international players for the concrete and operational achievement of the Millennium Goals.