FISU Games on in Lake Placid! On January 22 the Flag handover to Torino 2025

Italy‘s adventure in Lake Placid has begun. The XXXI World University Games Winter, to be held at the venue that hosted the Olympic Games in 1932 and 1980, officially kicks off tonight. The Opening Ceremony is scheduled to take place live at 7 p.m. local time (1 a.m. Italian time) and will be broadcast worldwide and also streamed on the official FISU Tv at this link:

There will be 1443 athletes (832 men, 611 women) involved in these days on the American snow and ice, representing 43 countries around the world and the beauty of 595 universities scattered around the globe. This will be the first time that the Universiade, invented in 1959 by the historic president of the University Sports Center of Torino Primo Nebiolo, will have the new nomenclature, but it will be the second time that Lake Placid will host it after having done so in 1972.

With the Closing Ceremony on January 22, there will be another crucial moment for all of Italian sport, with the passing of the FISU flag from the hands of Art Devlin (mayor of the municipality that is part of New York State) to those of Stefano Lo Russo (first citizen of a Torino already ready to host the XXXII edition from January 13 to 23, 2025), in the presence of the highest authorities of the Regione Piemonte, namely President Alberto Cirio and the city councilor for sports, Fabrizio Ricca, and the city councilor for sports, Domenico Carretta.

Leading the Italian delegation is CUSI President Antonio Dima: “The World University Winter Games in Lake Placid are the first important sporting event of the Italian Federation of University Sport: a momentous turning point in the history of CUSI, which becomes FederCUSI. A recognition for which we have worked so hard, and which projects university sport into a dimension where it has historically always been: at the service of national sports federations and the academic world for the growth of both athletes and students.”

Thus the president of the Torino 2025 Games and EDISU Piemonte, Alessandro Ciro Sciretti present this evening at the Opening Ceremony: “Torino 2025 participates enthusiastically in the opening of the Games in Lake Placid, a way to strengthen the relationship with international stakeholders, with colleagues from the great university sports events that will take place in the world in these years. Torino has a central role in the history of the global movement and we aim to strengthen the planning, which will see us build not only the event, but also all the legacy it will bring with it and its economic, cultural and educational impact on our territory.”

“It is a great dream come true, we have finally reached the point and we are already thinking about the moment when the flag will pass into the hands of our mayor and we will bring it to Torino to prepare ourselves in the best possible way in the next two years for the best success of our Games, knowing that Torino is the cradle of the Universiade and also this time the Flame of Knowledge burning in Lake Placid started from our city on September 20, 2022”, said Torino 2025 Games’ deputy vice president and CUS Torino president Riccardo D’Elicio. “Despite the difficulties of so many countries in this specific historical moment, the best student-athletes, who represent the future of our world, including in the professional aspect, have gathered in America. The fact that they are university athletes qualifies the movement, and I also wish the CUSI blue delegation good luck so that they can carry the Italian flag high”.

This is an opportunity that the universities of Piemonte have decided to seize on, to boost the sporting endeavors of Italian and international students. The Universities of Torino and Eastern Piemonte will give visibility to the overseas competitions through social media, website and internal monitors at the universities. The Polytechnic University of Torino will share live streaming of the races directly on their university portal, social media and the results will also be reported by webradio. The University of Gastronomic Sciences, based in Pollenzo, will share the live stream via their social channels. Finally, it should be noted that for the occasion an agreement has been made with the Accademia Albertina, which will broadcast, for all citizens and tourists present in Torino, every evening from 5 p.m. the live broadcast of the competitions in the engaging atmosphere of the Rotonda Talucchi.

CUSI – Italian University Sports Center  

Nasciuti Mauro (Head of Delegation), Pompeo Leone (Deputy Head of Delegation), Ventura Michele (Deputy Head of Delegation), Orsillo Angelo (Organizational Secretariat), Beltrami Gianfranco (Health Director), D’Elicio Davide (Medical Doctor), Vitale Federico (Physiotherapist).

FISI-FISG Technical Staff  

Madella Giorgio (FISI Delegate), Croese Riccardo Lore (Alpine Skiing), Tentori Michelangelo (Alpine Skiing), Viviani Elena (Short Track), Romanova Olga (Figure Skating), Hubbell Madison (Figure Skating), Nenzi Mirko Giacomo (Speed Skating), Broggini Pietro (Cross Country Skiing), Magli Pietro (Cross Country Skiing), Sczipa Joanna Marta.

Below are the 32 athletes:  

Alpine Skiing (14)  

Cordone Stefano, Costato Beatrice, Damanti Davide, De Zanna Elia, Della Libera Thomas, Fantoli Cecilia, Ferracci Chiara, Mammarella Goffredo, Marcora Carlotta, Palamara Gaia, Resinelli Luca, Sacchi Martina, Taranzano Luca, Zazzaro Giovanni.  

Cross-country skiing (8)  

Boccardi Maria Eugenia, Colombo Laura, Compagnoni Luca, Maj Valentina, Masiero Riccardo, Morandini Matthias, Munari Riccardo, Sordello Elisa.  

Snowboarding (1)  

Fava Elisa  

Short track (2)  

Marinelli Pietro, Oss Chemper Davide  

Figure skating (4)  

Dozzi Leia, Piredda Marina, Memola Nikolaj, Papetti Pietro 

Long track speed skating (3)  

Di Stefano Daniele, Lorello Riccardo, Maffei Federica  

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