Let’s color the Games: Torino and the municipalities involved get ready for 2025

Torino and Regione Piemonte get a makeover on the road to 2025. In less than three years, in fact, Italy’s first capital city in history and the mountains that surround it will once again be the scene of the World University Games Winter, the event born right under the Mole with the name Universiade thanks to the visionary leader of the Turin University Sports Center and CUSI Primo Nebiolo.

The path leading to the event to which more than 3,000 athletes from all over the world are expected to attend has already begun, and for this, the five municipalities that will host the competitions are already dressing up to start letting their citizens breathe in the atmosphere. Today, in fact, in the Transparency Room of the Regione Piemonte Palace in Turin, what will be the coordinated image was presented by Silvia Carrera (Head of Corporate and Communication), along with pictograms representing the different sports disciplines. The conference was translated into LIS (Italian Sign Language) thanks to the collaboration of Michela Ferraro.

Present as speakers were Michele Sciscioli (Head of the Department of Sport of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers), Alessandro Ciro Sciretti (President of the Torino 2025 Organizing Committee and President of EDISU), Fabrizio Ricca (President of the Torino 2025 Honor Committee and Councillor for Sport of the Piedmont Region), Domenico Carretta (Councillor for Sport, Major Events, Tourism and Leisure of the City of Turin) and Riccardo D’Elicio (President of CUS Torino and Deputy Vice President of Torino 2025).

Banners and posters telling about the Torino 2025 Games already stand in Piazza Castello (the main square in Torino), at the entrances to the municipality of Pragelato, and in Bardonecchia‘s most iconic places such as Via Medail and Borgo Vecchio. Soon Pinerolo and Torre Pellice will also embrace the coordinated image of the event, having received banners to be posted on their streets today. In fact, Chiara Rossetti (Mayor of Bardonecchia), Giorgio Merlo (Mayor of Pragelato), Marco Cogno (Mayor of Torre Pellice) and Francesca Costarelli (Deputy Mayor of Pinerolo) spoke at the conference. 

Colors can stimulate the human mind by provoking emotions. Starting from the hues of the 5 Olympic rings and the 5 stars of FISU, used to build the logo, the image was reinterpreted in a top key, in line with the university target audience of Millennials and Generation Z. Five cold colors were identified because cool colors are related to trust and confidence.

Yellow is the primary color that invokes more lightness and is associated with knowledge. On a temporal level, it is the color that represents the future.

Green represents the color of life that continues and renews itself, a sign of balance and growth, which is why it is associated with youth.

Blue is the color associated with intellect, calmness and stability. It also promotes the flow of energy.

Pink, in the cool undertone, is the symbol of hope. It is an extremely positive color that instills confidence and optimism.

Purple, in the undertone of blue, is the color of wisdom and magic, but also of luxury, nobility and beauty.

All disciplines in Torino 2025 will be marked by the colors: pink and purple create the gradient of indoor ice sports. Purple and blue, on the other hand, create the gradient of outdoor snow sports.

In building the image of the event, Purple plays a special role because it unites pink and blue physically in color gradients and figuratively. Pink is one of the colors that has changed its meaning several times over time, going from being a symbol of virility, to the queen hue of the feminine universe. This is proof that everything is subject to change and that all areas of culture have and undergo continuous evolution. Purple signifies justice and dignity; it is connected to gender equality and diversity; then, is the international color of disability. Moreover, is the color of kindness.

Torino 2025, through the identified colors, promotes an inclusive event. Yellow, the color of the future, and green, the color of youth, will instead be the colors that will accompany the FISU Games Ambassadors and Digital Ambassadors program.

Also launched on the occasion was the new look of the reference website, www.wugtorino2025.com, for which a font, Side, was chosen that is readable on all devices and even by visually impaired individuals. Right on the site, already camping the nine pictograms of the different sports disciplines that will award medals in the winter of 2025.

ROAD TO 2025‘s next event will be on September 20, when the Lake Placid delegation will come to Torino to light the Flame of Knowledge ahead of the XXXI World University Games Winter scheduled for January 12-22, 2023.

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