TOTAG The Mascot of Torino2025

TO Tag is the name of the mascot for the upcoming Games scheduled in six Piedmontese municipalities (Torino, Bardonecchia, Pragelato, Torre Pellice, Pinerolo, Sestriere). The term tag, still used today in English slang to indicate the game “tag” among children, a game that thrives on running, agility, movement, and wellbeing, but most importantly, on the will to never give up and to stay together in a journey of social inclusion among youth. Concurrently, tag is an iconic expression within the social network web, symbolizing the desire to include someone within one’s discourse and world.

TO Tag, a name that unites the real and digital world and in doing so invokes the action of being together with the proposition TO which also happens to be the acronym of its birthplace: TORINO, the permanent seat of the Universiade’s torch and the Flame of Knowledge.  

Its appearance is inspired by the world of gaming and animation graphics. TO Tag does not have a specific body shape nor a highlighted or underlined gender identity, the musculature recalls sporting activity and arms and legs underline the interaction with winter sports, the colors reflect the chromatic mood of the event and the gradient style typical of social networks.

1000 expressions and then another 100: in its digital version, TO Tag‘s face is made up of pixels that allow an infinite variety of expressions and universal interactions through emojis, a universal linguistic phenomenon born in Japan in the 90s and introduced by Americans through unicode. Today, they are without borders and bind every type of ethnicity, nationality, and continent in a universally understood language without the need for spoken words.


They are small flames with two black eyes without facial expression because what matters in Fulgor is its content, the value it represents. If TO Tag is the expression of youth, strength, and health, the Fulgor are knowledge and the embodiment of the flame of knowledge. Just like the flame, with a nature in constant movement and change, the Fulgor also adapt and mold themselves according to the context in which they are evoked.

In what is today called the civilization of images, where every day a human being sees about 400,000 images, color assumes a central importance in the communication of a concept; for this reason, the Fulgor will be multiple and each will have a color representative of its message: Solidarity, unity, peace, and the invitation to sustainability will always be accompanied by a Fulgor which thanks to its color will be the apostrophe that links the flame to the sharing of knowledge.