Cultural Programme

Starting from September 2023, a rich cultural program will animate Turin and the competition venues until 2025! The Turin edition of the World University Games Winter, in fact, will have an important cultural calendar built with the 5 host venues and with the 4 regional universities, with the national AFAM system – higher artistic and musical education which includes the Accademia Albertina and the Turin Conservatory, and in collaboration with the main national and local cultural institutions.

It is a busy calendar of events which will be launched in September 2023 both in Turin and in the Olympic valleys, which will be followed by a series of conferences on the mix of sport and culture, and which will build the way for a program modeled on the 5 senses and which will lead into the year 2024, to culminate with a series of thematic exhibitions and live performances with worldwide visibility during the opening ceremony in 2025. Stay tuned!