Sustainability Torino 2025

The organisational machine of the Torino 2025 Games has already started, with the aim of realising an event under the banner of environmental and economic sustainability, leaving a legacy for the students of tomorrow. 

Climate change is the most important issue humanity will have to face in the coming decades. Although the issue has been clearly posed to states and supranational public and private organisations since the 1980s, only recently have citizens themselves and every single activity been gearing up to provide concrete answers to this increasingly endemic daily emergency.

The Torino 2025 World University Games see themselves as a fundamental step towards 2030: the Millennium Goals are at the basis of the activities and communication of the event, which aspires not only to be totally sustainable in itself, from the start of the organisation all the way through to the definition of the details of the event’s legacy, but to be – also through the specific activities of the BRAINstorm project – an extraordinary sounding board of everything that can and must be done to return to a balanced climate. 

A social, cultural as well as technological challenge that will be designed by carefully observing how the issue of sustainability will be addressed in the coming weeks by the FISU Games in Lake Placid on January 2023 and will then be discussed and “put into play” together with the RUS – the network of sustainable universities that already collaborates with the CRUI, with ASVIS, WWF, UNICEF, the Kyoto CLUBs and many other national and international actors for the concrete and operational achievement of the Millennium Goals.

In achieving its goals, the Organising Committee also focused on structural sustainability, using facilities that hosted the 2006 Torino Olympics and Paralympics and the subsequent Torino 2007 Winter Universiade, as well as numerous international ice and snow events in more recent years.

Going Sustainable

Having peace and the future of the young generations at heart, on the basis of the objectives launched in 1959 by Primo Nebiolo, the Torino 2025 Organizing Committee intends to relaunch these issues by once again using sport as a unique moment of positive collective identity, and by inviting students , teachers, institutions and media to collaborate together to find immediate solutions to the major issues that sustainability poses for us.

This whole process has been launched on 20 September 2023 during the meeting “Going Sustainable | Sustainability and sporting events for the relaunch of the territory”, which was held at 9.30 am at the Valentino Castle in Torino. Here the first page of this debate has been opened, which will culminate on January 12, 2025 during the FISU Games World Conference.