Torino WUGW 2025 Sport Department is pleased to present its

Sport and Venues Summary

Torino OC has presented to FISU all Sport Venues in good standard only few needing adjustments or modifications. Almost all Sport Facilities and Venues have partly been tested and/or will be still tested in order to assure the regularity, to train the technical staff and to verify the volunteers needs and jobs.

Sports included in the 2025 WUGW program:

Alpine Skiing – Cross-Country Skiing – Snowboard – Biathlon – Freestyle/Free skiing Ice Hockey M – Ice Hockey W – Figure Skating – Short-Track Speed Skating – Curling

Optional Sports: under final evaluation and in progress



Location: Melezet, for SG-GS-SL-AC-TP

offers more than 70 km of slopes of varying length and difficulty that spread out at altitudes between 1.312 and 2.800 meters, all equipped with cutting edge lift systems and state of the art, programmed artificial snow making systems

Slopes, Venue and infrastructures look challenging, well-structured and efficient.

All Alpine Skiing competitions will be held on the slopes Melezet no. 23 and no. 24 Slopes are homologated for SG, GS, SL, and Parallel and equipped with modern snow making system.

Finish area will be developed for legacy intention into a wide spectator’s arena.



Location: Melezet

OC is in cooperation with Colomion Venue Management to adequately prepare all necessary slopes with the technical demands.

All slopes will be developed within 1.312 and 2.800 meters of altitude and finish, possibly in the Alpine Skiing arena.

Cross events will be up on 25 Selette. For WUG 2025 Snowboard Cross and Ski Cross will have an approximate time of 45 sec. Slopestyle Course will be close to the Cross course on 25 Selette part as Snowpark Area.



Location: Melezet – Campo Smith

Freestyle (Moguls & Dual Moguls) will be on Campo Smith 1.

Proposal to have Moguls and Dual Moguls on the lower part of the ski resort seem to be attractive.

Big Air will be one of the Jumps in the Slopestyle Course using the last section able to use same Finish Area with all infrastructure already from Slopestyle.

PGS / PSL will be on Melezet 24 on the lower part and will be optimal for WUG 2025 with a length of course: app 400 m.



Location: on 1.620 meters s/l

The CCS Center in Pragelato has a long, good history and experience in organising CCS competitions. In 2006, Cross-Country Skiing as part of the Olympic Winter Games was held and in 2007, the FISU Winter Universiade.

Courses: all necessary length are certified and homologated. On disposal a good plan to use the courses for all needs, competitions, training, warm-up and ski testing,

Stadium: there are many possibilities – functionality, general layout – the stadium is dimensionally compliant with the ICR, layout for each race format.



Location: on 1.530 meters s/l – Ski Jumping areal

It will be the only Venue that has to be built.

The New Project and place for BTH Venue motivates Municipality to think for future Pragelato developing legacy by reutilizing the Ski Jumping Venue.

Situation at this moment:

  • Municipality is proceeding to obtain the transfer of the whole Ski jumping area dedicated to BTH.
  • New Shooting Range design/lay-out
  • Courses: all requested length are confirmed including roller skiing possibility
  • Infrastructures: to evaluate and define.



All Arenas have Olympic Size (30m x 60m), capacity between 2400 and 2700

In general, all 3 venues are suitable  needing some improvements as well as some small refurbishments/painting/cleaning.


Location: Stadio Olimpico for 6 IHO Men Teams (Qualifications)

Pinerolo will provide new board (flex) and new lights (LED) as it is foreseen for a positive legacy

Pinerolo Stadio Olimpico has an intense Ice Sport schedule which lasts almost the whole year long.


Location Palatazzoli for 8 IHO Women Teams (W) Qualifications + Finals W/M

New equipment foreseen also in Torino Palatazzoli: to install new flexible boards

Qualified Men teams from Torre Pellice and Pinerolo will join Torino Palatazzoli to play the Semi and Finals.



Location: Palatazzoli

The intention is to keep Curling in Torino as it is actually of huge interest due to Italian great performances in OWG and WCH. It will be a new challenge to install and adapt all necessary technical requirements.

Some important considerations in order to make the Venue become permanent and of international level and interest:

            Install proper developed camera equipment, as the sealing is low

  • Dehumidification equipment and Lux for a perfect “legacy, and a permanent upgrade”.



Location: Palavela

Palavela is already in good stand for the FISU Games 2025.

Approximately 8,300 seats are available.

In particular this Venue has continued to be active organizing high level FSK Events maintaining the facility and all infrastructures updated and well-functioning.



Location: Palavela

Palavela is already in good stand for the FISU Games 2025.

STK will be held in Palavela ice rink (60x30m) which is the same venue as for the 2006 Torino Olympic Winter Games. – This venue is well designed for a mega sport event with multi-purpose functional rooms, separate client group entrances/exits for athletes, ITOs, VIPs, media, and spectators, efficient layout.

As it is the same Venue also for FSK, the management will be carefully conducted respecting both Sports with two different structural charts specifically dedicated to “serve” the Big FISU Games in Palavela with professional know-how and on athletes’ satisfaction.

Hybrid padding system:

FSK competition will start at first, STK will follow; the STK protection padding system will be installed before the FSK practice starts and decorated with the FISU Games Look.