The Students of Albertina Academy will design the medals of Torino 2025 FISU GAMES

Torino 2025 is taking shape and so are its medals. The Organizing Committee of the Torino World University Games Winter, scheduled to take place in two years (Jan. 13-23, 2025) in five Piedmont locations (Torino, Torre Pellice, Pinerolo, Bardonecchia and Pragelato), has begun a significant collaboration with the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts to create its gold, silver and bronze medals that will go around the necks of the best student athletes of snow and ice coming from every corner of the planet.

This morning was the presentation conference in the heart of the Piedmontese capital, with Paola Gribaudo (president of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts) and Edoardo Di Mauro (director of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts) doing the honors. In the conference, moderated by Paolo Verri (cultural program manager of Torino 2025) and translated LIS (Italian Sign Language) thanks to the collaboration of Michela Ferraro (Cooperativa Segni Di Integrazione Piemonte – Paolo Basso), speakers included Fabrizio Ricca (Piedmont Region’s Councillor for Sport and chairman of the Torino 2025 Committee of Honor), Alessandro Ciro Sciretti (president of the Torino 2025 Games and Edisu Piemonte), Riccardo D’Elicio (president of CUS Torino and deputy vice president of Torino 2025), Stefano Geuna (Rector of the University of Torino) and Bartolomeo Biolatti (Rector of the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo).

Aiming to immediately breathe in the energy of the World University Games Winter (the event conceived in 1959 by Cus Torino President Primo Nebiolo), the best of the 2023 Games, which will take shape from January 12 in Lake Placid in the United States, will be projected on the exterior facade Rotonda del Talucchi, in the inner courtyard of the Albertina Academy. Entrance can be made from house numbers 6 or 8 on Via Accademia Albertina in Torino, and the hour-long projections of the Lake Placid competitions will be scheduled from Jan. 12 to 22, 2023 at 5 p.m. Italian time. The competitions will feature 1443 athletes (832 men, 611 women) competing, representing 43 countries around the world and the beauty of 595 universities scattered around the globe. The blue delegation chosen by FederCUSI will consist of 34 athletes (full news here: 

On Sunday, January 22, in the Closing Ceremony in Lake Placid, in which there will be the passing of the FISU flag from the hands of Art Devlin (mayor of the American town) to those of Stefano Lo Russo (first citizen of Torino), in the presence of the highest authorities of the Piedmont Region with President Alberto Cirio and the councilor for sports, Fabrizio Ricca, as well as the municipal councilor for sports, Domenico Carretta. That very day, at the Accademia Albertina, at 4 p.m., is also scheduled the workshop The Medals of the Gods, which will allow children and their families to try their hand at making beautiful gold medals, after seeing in the halls of the Albertina Art Gallery, as part of the Neoclassicism in Torino exhibition, those made by our Academy of Fine Arts between the 18th and 19th centuries. Here are all the details and how to book:

These statements from the speakers:

Paola Gribaudo (president of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts): «I am happy and excited. A month ago this project was proposed to us and we immediately joined with enthusiasm. It is a great event that connects art to sport. We are waiting for you to watch the Lake Placid 2023 races, which we will screen starting at 5 p.m. For January 22, we have organized an art workshop for children, who will be able to try their hand at making medals of the Gods».

Edoardo Di Mauro (director of the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts): «This is a great opportunity for us to collaborate with a prestigious event. The combination of art and sports is inescapable. I remember well the 1970 World University Summer Games, whose medals we have here. This event has always been linked to the city of Torino. Our students will participate in an idea workshop to design the medals. We will offer the best creative product possible».

Alessandro Ciro Sciretti (president of the Torino 2025 Games and Edisu Piemonte): «We want to increase international awareness of the university system in Piedmont, which, in addition to universities, has other high-level educational institutions. It is crucial that we network. The goal is to attract talent and expertise. The additional effort is to make sure that these skills stay in our territory once they acquire their degrees. We have invested 81.5 million in scholarships in 2022 in Piedmont, more than 30 million more than the year before. It is a shared path at any institutional level to develop the higher education system. The World University Games is an event of the whole territory to develop the city and region».

Riccardo D’Elicio: «This event was a dream for me. So many students will come here as athletes and they will find a welcoming city, with a very strong university vocation, which I hope will reach 150,000 enrolled at the university. Now it’s roughly 120,000. We have to play this great opportunity well».

Fabrizio Ricca (Piedmont Regional Councilor for Sport and chairman of the Torino 2025 Honor Committee): «Thanks to this event, we are also back in the running for the 2026 Winter Olympics. The Region is on everyone’s side for this great event. Finally, the flame of knowledge will return to Turin after the Lake Placid event and we are looking forward to it».

Stefano Geuna (Rector of the University of Turin): «We are facing a very important occasion. We celebrate a combination of sports, culture and art that are part of the growth of this area. Three sectors that are a great engine of development for Piedmont».

Bartolomeo Biolatti (Rector of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo): «Together with the other universities we will create a study center on sustainable food. Healthy, good and tasty food that allows athletes to overcome the limits they try to break every day. Food that does not cause suffering to the planet. At Pollenzo we work a lot on these values, which we always take into account in our choices».

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