Torino 2025 met the European Youth in Brussels and presented the Brain Storm challenge

Torino 2025 moves towards Europe. An official representative of the Organising Committee met today in Brussels the officer of the European Youth, the project of the European Commission devoted to involve young people in education, democracy and sport.

The FISU Games received a huge interest, with a focus on the innovative project Brain Storm.
In cooperation with EucA, Torino 2025 is looking forward to involve in the games more than 8000 European students in residence.

This is the comment of the Torino 2025 FISU Games president, Alessandro Ciro Sciretti: “The involvement of European institutions and networks is fully part of the Torino 2025 project. The combination of the cultural programme with the sports competitions is perfectly in line with the aims of the European institutions and is part of the promotion and education of citizenship activities and knowledge of Europe. We are very pleased to have embarked on this path, which we hope will bring great benefits in the future for Turin, Piedmont and the whole of Europe”.

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