Torino 2025 presents its Mascotte to the world: TO Tag – Tonight Lights on U at Palavela with the stars Kostner and Malinin

To Tag is ready to conquer the hearts of the entire world. This morning, in the evocative setting of the Transparency Hall of the Regione Piemonte Skyscraper, the mascot of the XXXII World University Games Winter of Torino 2025 was unveiled in the presence of the highest authorities: FISU (International University Sports Federation) President Leonz Eder, President of the Torino 2025 Organizing Committee Alessandro Ciro Sciretti and the City of Turin Sports Councilor Domenico Carretta.

The hosting honors were performed by Regione Piemonte Sports Councilor Fabrizio Ricca, while the conference was moderated by Turin-native Federica Frola, a journalist for Sky Sport. Presenting To Tag, the most social Ambassador of all (complete with its own personal profile in this link ), was the Director of Corporate and Communication for Torino 2025, Silvia Carrera.

The Games’ mascot, assigned by FISU to FederCUSI, stems from the desire to create a universal connection that transcends the distinctions between real life and digital, online and offline. Today, our lives and those of our youth are composed of these two components, and our mascot was designed to take the best of the digital world to serve real life.

TO Tag is the name of the mascot for the upcoming Games scheduled in six Piedmontese municipalities (Torino, Bardonecchia, Pragelato, Torre Pellice, Pinerolo, Sestriere) with 11 sports planned and the first-time inclusion of student athletes with disabilities (in alpine skiing and cross-country skiing). The term tag, still used today in English slang to indicate the game “tag” among children, a game that thrives on running, agility, movement, and wellbeing, but most importantly, on the will to never give up and to stay together in a journey of social inclusion among youth. Concurrently, tag is an iconic expression within the social network web, symbolizing the desire to include someone within one’s discourse and world.

TO Tag, a name that unites the real and digital world and in doing so invokes the action of being together with the proposition TO which also happens to be the acronym of its birthplace: TORINO, the permanent seat of the Universiade’s torch and the Flame of Knowledge. In full connection with the city of Torino, a hub of aerospace and technology and the Olympia of the university sports world, the past and future meet in the flame of knowledge. From the flame of knowledge, TO Tag draws the strength to evoke universal values and knowledge.

Its appearance is inspired by the world of gaming and animation graphics. TO Tag does not have a specific body shape nor a highlighted or underlined gender identity, the musculature recalls sporting activity and arms and legs underline the interaction with winter sports, the colors reflect the chromatic mood of the event and the gradient style typical of social networks.

1000 expressions and then another 100: in its digital version, TO Tag‘s face is made up of pixels that allow an infinite variety of expressions and universal interactions through emojis, a universal linguistic phenomenon born in Japan in the 90s and introduced by Americans through unicode. Today, they are without borders and bind every type of ethnicity, nationality, and continent in a universally understood language without the need for spoken words. The power of TO Tag‘s communication lies especially in the universality of the images that, combined with the speed of text, become a medium, a message. At the same time, its symbols do not only refer to private chat communication but to a real way of experiencing communication in contemporary times without barriers.

TO Tag loves contact and actively demonstrates this on social networks through its dedicated profile. It loves to share its spaces with others, to be tagged and to tag people with whom it takes photos; hence, selfies abound and it never says no to a photo. TO Tag is the first digital ambassador of Torino 2025 and through it, we will experience the behind-the-scenes of the games from the audience’s perspective.

TO Tag is a robot, as deduced from its bionic hands. In full connection with the academic world, TO Tag symbolizes the search for the future of innovation and solidarity. Science and sport meet in its bionic hands capable of extraordinary feats and in a gesture being a reflection of a future that leaves no one behind.

TO Tag shares each of the values of the FISU World University Games Winter and thus in its fluid style encourages inclusivity and openness to a non-binary identity. It is inclusive, egalitarian, and desirous of friendship and bonds that transcend any prejudice. The flames of knowledge it evokes through its hands carry universal values. Through its bionic hands, which recall technology at the service of sport for people with disabilities, the mascot is able to unleash the Fulgor.

Who are the Fulgor? They are small flames with two black eyes without facial expression because what matters in Fulgor is its content, the value it represents. If TO Tag is the expression of youth, strength, and health, the Fulgor are knowledge and the embodiment of the flame of knowledge. Just like the flame, with a nature in constant movement and change, the Fulgor also adapt and mold themselves according to the context in which they are evoked.

In what is today called the civilization of images, where every day a human being sees about 400,000 images, color assumes a central importance in the communication of a concept; for this reason, the Fulgor will be multiple and each will have a color representative of its message: Solidarity, unity, peace, and the invitation to sustainability will always be accompanied by a Fulgor which thanks to its color will be the apostrophe that links the flame to the sharing of knowledge.

Scuola Comics Torino will collaborate with Torino 2025 through the creation of visual content specifically designed for social media, a fundamental means of communication for the young target audience this great event addresses. From posts to animated graphics, you will have the opportunity to see the creativity branded Scuola Comics.

The main goal of Scuola Comics Torino is to train students to excel in their chosen field and, upon completing their studies, to be recognized externally as full-fledged professionals. Equipping students with the ability to move with ease and confidence in the workplace, making them autonomous and secure in presenting themselves professionally, is a goal pursued with determination also through innovative courses such as those dedicated to communication, marketing, and promotion on social media. An essential part of the journey, in addition to the close relationship with teachers who are professionals in the field, are the frequent collaborations with publishers, film production companies, state entities, and humanitarian, environmental, and animal rights organizations, both local and international.

The first major public outing of To Tag will be tonight during the ice show Lights on U, scheduled at the Palavela at 9 p.m. An event in which the stars of the Ghiaccio Spettacolo cast will shine, including American ace Ilia Malinin and the Italian queen Carolina Kostner. “My experience is that sport has accompanied me in my growth since school, it has taught me to have patience, to pursue a goal, and to find strength within me – Carolina recounts. – As in life, it is not always easy, so it is in sport. Events like the Universiade give the opportunity to have a goal, to work towards something you can dream of. For me, the Palavela is the most beautiful stadium in the world, and the athletes competing there next year will be very, very lucky. We perform there and are preparing many different numbers, some more exciting, others more festive. It will be ‘cool’ if I may say so.”

At this link, you can find the last tickets available for the Lights on U show:

Following are the statements from the authorities:

Leonz Eder (President of FISU): “It was great to meet TO Tag today! Such an original mascot, with its pixelated face and captivating colors, I’m sure it will win the hearts of all fans.”

Alessandro Ciro Sciretti (President of the Organizing Committee of Torino 2025): “TO Tag is ready to become the most active Ambassador of the Games of Torino 2025 and soon we will see it roaming our mountains, which in less than a year will be the stage for this fantastic event. We are ready to welcome the world, and the choice of this mascot is our manifesto: we want to break down all barriers and welcome anyone who wants to experience the emotions of the next Winter Universiade, which will return to our region after 18 years, bringing here the excellence of university sports.”

Lorenzo Lentini (FederCUSI Delegate): “After the presentation of Guarini, the torch that will carry the Flame of Knowledge across the territories, we continue the journey of engaging young people with the presentation of TO Tag. FederCUSI and the CUS promote the values of sport in the university world and work every day to create social inclusion through sport. TO Tag will be our ambassador in this journey.”

Fabrizio Ricca (Sports Councilor of Regione Piemonte): “The presentation of the Universiade mascot is another step towards this great event that will involve our mountains. And I add that we are proud to host this important moment in the region. I believe that with the Universiade, we will show students from all over the world that Piemonte is the right place to grow.”

Domenico Carretta (Sports Councilor of the City of Torino): “The countdown to the World University Games Winter of Torino 2025 has started. As we prepare to welcome athletes from all over the world, today we present the mascot that will represent the image of these games in the city and help to animate the fans in the stands. We are really proud to welcome the Universiade back to Torino, born right under the Mole in 1959 thanks to the brilliant intuition of Primo Nebiolo.”

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