Torino 2025 shined in Brussels at the FISU Executive Committee

Torino 2025 shined in Belgium. At the FISU Executive Committee that took place on November 11 and 12 in Brussels, the Organizing Committee of the XXXII World University Games Winter presented his progress report. The delegation was composed by Alessandro Ciro Sciretti (Torino 2025 FISU Games President), Riccardo D’Elicio (Torino 2025 FISU Games Vice President), Silvia Bini (Head of International Relations and FISU) and Salvatore Fusco (Torino 2025 FISU Games Project Manager): last of them and former CUS Torino rugby player exposed the presentation that was welcomed and applauded by the audience.

During the presentation was also showed the brand new video that in these days is also shown worldwide in Torino during the Nitto ATP Finals of tennis, where Torino 2025 is Silver Partner of the event.

Here are the words of the Torino 2025 FISU Games President, Alessandro Ciro Sciretti: «The presentation of the progress report was a further opportunity to demonstrate how Torino and Regione Piemonte are able to carry on the preparatory and organizational process of a major event such as the Turin 2025 FISU Games. We have found satisfaction and appreciation from international stakeholders and I am convinced that the Torino 2025 team will be able to make the city experience an exciting and engaging event, strengthening international relations and enhancing the city and the territory».

On November 12, the Executive Committee of FISU also attributed the hosting of the summer edition of the 2027 FISU World University Games to Chungcheong, Korea. The decision followed a rigorous selection process that saw Chungcheongvie with North Carolina for the chance to host FISU’s flagship event.

Both candidates had submitted very strong proposals. FISU’s visits to both potential hosts had revealed excellent facilities, widespread support and cultures of university sport excellence.

«FISU offers its sincere congratulations to Chungcheong. Korea has a proud tradition of university sport and will, I am sure, be an ideal place for the world’s best university athletes to come together in peaceful celebration in the summer of 2027 – said FISU Acting President Leonz Eder -. Chungcheong2027 has the potential to be a very special FISU World University Games, making a lasting contribution to university sport».

Torino looks forward to welcome the Korean delegation coming in the future years to light the Flame of Knowledge.

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