Turin, an amazing city!

First capital of Italy, Turin is a city of a thousand faces, regal and dynamic, ancient and contemporary: with more than 40 museums, an enchanting UNESCO heritage circuit of Royal Residences, an ancient tradition of flavors and excellent food and wine companies, Turin it will conquer you.

Lively and elegant, always on the move, Turin is a city surrounded by greenery, with over 300 km of tree-lined avenues and countless parks: gently leaning against the hills and embraced by the course of the Po, framed by the Western Alps. Turin is a city with more than 2,000 years of history, which knows how to take you among the most ancient Egyptian finds in the Egyptian Museum and, immediately after, amaze you with its panorama from the top of contemporary design buildings or on the tip of the Mole Antonelliana, home of the Cinema’s Museum. It knows how to welcome you in the lounges of historic cafes to enjoy a good bicerin or refined Piedmontese pastry and, when sunset falls, offer you a mixology of taste, lights and vitality in its large squares, among the largest in Europe.

Turin accompanies you to discover the artisan excellences of the area, among picturesque neighborhoods, each with its peculiarities and unexpected glimpses or towards the great brands of Made in Italy, walking along over 18km of arcades and elegant galleries.

Liberty and Baroque are perfectly linked to renewed spaces witnessing the industrial era that has now given way to contemporary experiments in art and entertainment, such as the Officine Grandi Riparazioni and the Lingotto area. Turin is an elegant lady who has been reborn discovering herself dynamic, innovative and modern, always proud of her great past but also curious and attentive to the future. Creative City for UNESCO Design, since 2014, it is an international reference point for modern and contemporary art and home to important art exhibitions such as Artissima and Luci d’Artista.

Music, cinema and entertainment have always enlivened the city, culminating in 2022 with a stratospheric Eurovision Song Contest that instilled a rhythm and grit to be experienced, thanks to the 40 international artists, their delegations and the spectators who flocked here from all over. the world.

Turin awaits you and is ready to amaze you.