World Conference Day 2025 - The Sprint Generation

Along with the World University Games Winter, FISU provides the Organising Committee with the opportunity to host a scientific conference. The objective of the FISU World Conference on Innovation – Education – Sport is to create a networking platform for scientists who will present and promote the research on scientific innovations and enhance the sustainable development of winter sports. It is an opportunity for the young generation of sports scientists to discuss new ideas or to arrange projects/cooperative efforts in the area of sports science.

In Torino 2025 FISU Games, the World Conference will take place during each day of the 9 final competitions of BRAINstorm: 9 days of mind’s competitions, with speeches, teds and exhibits. A sort of bottom-up activity – based on the answers given by the students during the BRAINstorm‘s challenges and on speeches of professionals in each fields.

The title of the conference will be The Sprint Generation. Sprint as acronym of: Sport- Risk- INnovation- Technologies. The FISU World Conference on The Sprint Generation is open to all accredited participants of the World University Games Winter. Having a conference take place during the Torino 2025 FISU Games allows many student-athletes to take part in an international academic conference, fostering the academic spirit in the sports arena.